Weekly Design Inspiration #336

illustration by Hurca!™

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Project Management Dashboard UI Concept by AR Shakir
Design Agency Website Design by Sajon
Raise Dashboard — Concept by Johnny Nova
Cryptocurrency App Design by pourya zamani
Wallet Dashboard by Omid Iravani
Maze Unlocked by Hurca!™
Keep it Weird! by Roberlan Borges Paresqui
Selected Illustrations 2019–2020 by Alex Krugli
SAMSUNG ft. SANTA by Santa Gross
Vectober 2020 • pt. I by Thunder Rockets
Lostboy Cider: Sage Advice Can by Lisa McCormick
Brand Identity & Showroom Visual Direction for @isaid.kr by @esunpak
Sueurs Froides Book Series by Paprika Design
Carchy Chocolate by Ahmed ELSheikh
Tanrevel Brand Visual Identity Redesign by Robinsson Cravents